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Department Space Engineering

The mission of the Space Engineering department is to educate students and to carry out research in a broad range of spaceflight disciplines, with an emphasis on space mission design, systems engineering, trajectory and data analysis, space applications, solar system exploration, miniaturisation of spacecraft, distributed systems, small launchers, re-entry systems and space propulsion.


The vision of the Department Space Engineering (SpE) is to be the leading space engineering education and research centre in Europe. The department is already internationally recognised for its unique knowledge and expertise in space mission analysis, design and engineering, trajectory and data analysis, as well as geophysical research using space measurement techniques.

The department was established in its present form in 2010. It comprises the Astrodynamics and Space Missions (AS) and Space Systems Engineering (SSE) research groups. It is responsible for 90% of all teaching and research in the field of spaceflight at the Faculty of AE. There are no comparable academic groups in Europe.

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. E.K.A. (Eberhard) Gill

GOCE: AE’s involvement in the GOCE mission dates back to the early 1980s and draws on the university’s wealth of expertise in the precise calculation of satellite orbits and in determining the Earth’s gravitational field. Pieter Visser, Associate Professor of Astrodynamics, is being interviewed on the photo during the launch of the GOCE satellite in 2009.

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