SIMONA Symposium

18 januari 2007 door SIMONA Symposium

Technological advances enable us to make flight simulators that look
slicker and move smoother than ever before. But are we using all this
potential to make simulations any better? After all, it is the pilot in
the simulator who has to experience the simulated flight as if it were
the real thing, and react to the simulation as he would react in the
field. We still understand too little to state with certainty how the
pilot reacts to the differences between the simulator and the aircraft.

The "Fidelity in Motion" symposium is a one-day event focused on the
questions how a participant in a simulation experiences the difference,
and how we can optimize the use of cueing devices to make these
participants behave in the simulator as in the aircraft. This day is
devoted to quality presentations by renowned experts in the field and a
panel discussion. A visit to the SIMONA Research Simulator at TU Delft,
with its focus on high-performance motion and small time delays, is


On the wednesday before the symposium, participants will have
the opportunity to visit the simulation facilities at the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in Amsterdam. The visit will include the GRACE
simulator with its flexible interior and capacity for large-scale,
high-fidelity simulation research and the generic fighter simulator

We advise participants who want to make the most of their visit to the
Netherlands to also consider the workshop on human-centered motion
cueing that takes place on Friday March 30. A visit to the DESDEMONA
sustained g simulator, at TNO in Soesterberg, is included in the
workshop. For this option contact, or see


For further information, visit the symposium website.

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