Experimental Aeroacoustics

Participants: F. Scarano, P. Moore, M. Novara, D. Violato

Partners: NLR (www.nlr.nl), Aero&Hydrodynamics Laboratories at 3mE (www.ahd.tudelft.nl)


Main goals of this research theme are the study of the noise produced by airflow in configurations related to aerospace technology and the development and application of innovative technologies based on Time-resolved Particle Tomographic Image Velocimetry for acoustic source characterization
Current activities

- Methods to infer acoustic properties from field velocimetry (P. Moore, Post-Doc researcher)

- Development of Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry (M. Novara, PhD student)

- Experiments on Karman wake-wing profile interaction (V. Lorenzoni, MSc student)

- Aeroacoustics of subsonic rectangular cavities (Dushyant Parki, MSc student)


European Research Council (http://erc.europa.eu), European Commission “Ideas” FP7 Programme, FLOVIST project (2008-2013)


Related publications:

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