Superbus is an innovative and sustainable public transport system which combines the benefits of a high-speed rail link with the flexibility of a car. Thanks to its low air resistance and electric engine, Superbus emits less than half the amount of CO2 emitted by a standard car. Superbus can be charged by solar panels or windmills. The infrastructure needed for Superbus is much cheaper than other high-speed alternatives. Passengers call up Superbus via a text message or the internet. The routes can be flexible, as Superbus can travel not just on high-speed tracks (250 km/hour), but also on normal roads.

Superbus is an initiative of Prof. Wubbo Ockels. TU Delft began developing Superbus in early 2006. Its favourable results compared to Maglev (magnetically-levitating trains) and other high-speed trains and its innovative nature led in June 2006 to the then Dutch Minister for Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Karla Peijs, allocating Euro 7 million for developing and testing an experimental vehicle for test and demonstration purposes.


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The Superbus project intends to design a sophisticated and state-of-the-art bus, capable of travelling at speeds of 250km/h. The bus is a very flexible means of transportation, able to make use of the existing roads to virtually reach the doorstep of its customers. On special supertracks, the superbus will be able to travel at high speeds. These supertracks can be built very cheaply. The bus is :intelligent" and has the track in its memory banks. It can anticipate bumps in the road. Therefore, the intelligence is in the bus, and not in expensive infra-structure. Forward looking radar and other sensors will ensure a safe journey with the superbus.

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On March 22nd 2006 the superbus was featured in the TV program "2 Vandaag". Click below to view the program.


"2 Vandaag" featuring the Superbus


The same day, The Superbus was also presented in the RTL News broadcast.

"RTL Nieuws" featuring the Superbus

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