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The SIMONA Research Simulator

Flight deck

The cabin of the SIMONA Research Simulator is made of lightweight materials and holds a two person flight deck. The SRS' glass cockpit is similar to a modern transport aircraft, and provides programmable instrumentation to match any aircraft type. More

Visual display system

The visual system provides the pilots with a computer generated view on the outside world. It has a wide field of view and projects the image at infinity to match visual conditions in the real aircraft. More

Motion system

The six-degrees-of-freedom hydraulic motion system can provide the crew with realistic linear accelerations and rotation rates. For maximum power and precision, the symmetric actuators use hydrostatic bearings and are controlled by an advanced control system. More

Control loading system

To mimic the control forces of the real aircraft, the control column and rudder pedals use hydraulic actuators. A mathematical model of the aircraft's feel system is used to generate realistic forces in the controls. More


The software driving the SRS runs on standard PCs and has a highly modular design. The DUECA architecture provides real-time performance, low-latency data transport and precise synchronisation. Aircraft models, fly-by-wire algorithms, cockpit displays, etc. can be very easily adapted. More


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