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The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the largest of the eight faculties at TU Delft and one of the largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering in northern Europe. It is the only unique institute carrying out research and education directly related to aerospace engineering in the Netherlands.

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Numerus Clausus and Decentralised Selection

Due to an increasing numbers of students, the TU Delft bachelor programme Aerospace Engineering has determined a fixed capacity, a numerus clausus, of 440 new students that can be admitted into the bachelor’s degree programme for academic year 2017 - 2018. The deadline for application is January 15, 2017.

Selection procedure

The selection procedure aims at a good match between the student and educational programme and focusses on the Motivation and Academic Performance of an applicant. If you want to study in our bachelor programme , you must participate in this procedure.

Every applicant that completed the selection procedure will receive a rank number. On April 15, your rank number will also be visible in Studielink. This ranking is based on your results in the selection procedure, compared to other applicants. Applicants that score higher are also ranked higher. If your rank number is within the number of available places, you will be offered a place when you also met all criteria (such as completing your pre-university education). If your rank number is lower than the number of available places, you must wait for other applicants to decline their offer to be eligible for our bachelor programme. Although we have no experience yet with the number of applicants that will withdraw in this new procedure, we expect that chances are relatively fair for applicants that receive a rank number between 440 en 600. Non-EU applicants that need services (a visa/residence permit in order to enter the Netherlands; get adequate housing; a bank account etc.), can only be supported when ranked amongst the top 440 students.
You can participate up to three times in the selection procedure for our bachelor programme.

This website will be updated by October 2016 with additional information regarding the selection procedure.

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