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The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the largest of the eight faculties at TU Delft and one of the largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering in northern Europe. It is the only unique institute carrying out research and education directly related to aerospace engineering in the Netherlands.

The faculty offers the following programmes:

Bachelor Aerospace Engineering

Master programmes


Online education

PhD research

Through the years, the Faculty has responded to the increasing demands of the aerospace industry by further expanding its facilities and laboratories.  It has also expanded existing aerospace engineering topics to cover important fields such as earth observation and wind energy. Today the Faculty has a student body of over 2500 undergraduates and graduates, about 250 members of academic staff and 100 PhD students.

Around 25% of the student population has a foreign nationality. Special information for International students.


Extensive laboratory and testing facilities are used in research and teaching. The facilities include super-sonic, hyper-sonic and sub-sonic wind-tunnels, a high-sensitivity navigation simulator, and a materials testing laboratory. These facilities make it possible to conduct experiments in man-machine factors, flight control, structures and materials, aerodynamics, simulation, motion and navigation.

National and International Cooperation

The Faculty plays a significant role in national organisations such as the National Aerospace Laboratory, the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. Collaborations with numerous international and multinational industries through research groups abroad as well as in the Netherlands ensure that the Faculty remains at the forefront of the latest developments in the aerospace industry. The Faculty is a member of PEGASUS, the European network of prestigious aerospace universities. It also participates in exchanges of students and lecturers through the SOCRATES/ERASMUS programmes and agreements between several other partner universities.

Numerus clausus
Due to increasing numbers of students TU Delft has introduced a Numerus clausus for first-year students for the Bachelor programmes Architecture, Industrial Design Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. This means that a place in these programmes cannot be guaranteed. Read more. 

Selection for international students Aerospace Engineering from 2012
With effect from the academic year 2012-2013 the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering combines the allocation by lots and selection. The selection of international selection will be executed at the faculty. Those students who are not selected or applied too late to take part in the selection process will be relegated to the standard procedure of allocation by lots. Read more. 

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