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The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering has implemented a part of its research in the following institutions: 


Delft Centre for Materials (DCMat)

The Delft Centre for Materials brings together the expertise of 6 different faculties in the broad field of Materials Science at the TU Delft. DCMat aims at strengthening the cooperation and the educational profile as well as rationalizing the use of research equipment. Besides a new joint research programme in the field of 'Self Healing Materials' is started.


Delft University Wind Energy Research Institute (DUWIND)

DUWind is the wind energy research organization of the Delft University of Technology. Its research program covers almost all aspects of modern wind turbine technology, and is undertaken across 5 faculties in 13 groups.


Adhesion Institute

The adhesion Institute is a part of the Delft University of Technology and is the specialist in adhesion- and adhesives technology. The available knowledge is broadened through intensive contacts with many other University departments.


Koiter Institute Delft (KID)

The Koiter Institute Delft carries out four main lines of research: Computational Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Dynamics, and Structural Mechanics.


Fiber Metal Laminate Centre of Competence (FMLC)

The knowledge of the FMLC includes more than 20 years experience concerning on material development, production processes, material properties and qualification, fatigue and damage tolerance.


Delft Institute for Sustainable Energy (DISE)

Het DISE conducts research into solar energy, wind energy and energy from biomass, focussing mainly on large-scale applications of these sources.


Water Research Centre Delft (WRCD)

The WRCD covers a broad variety of topics such as spatial planning and infrastructure in deltas, environmental issues, protection against flooding and draughts, clean and affordable drinking water and integrated water management.


Delft Centre for Engineering Design (DCED)

The mission of the DCED is to provide collaborative research with industry of product development technologies for engineering designs and education of professionals in this field.

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