Research at Aerospace Engineering


The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering has more than 200 academic members of staff and approximately 160 PhD studentsoperating in a wide range of expertise's.

Many of the members of academic staff are prize-winning scientists and engineers internationally known in their fields of research. Search the overview of publications to read about scientific results.

Our scientific and engineering challenges

New knowledge, technology and very smart engineers are required to combine these growing demands with the limited resources of our planet. Solar energy and wind energy play an important role in ensuring our future. They are both the result of aerospace technology.

The invention of very efficient, safe, sustainable and quiet aircraft that will not need any fossil fuel is a challenge, which inspires both our research and teaching. Also, new applications arise with new technologies: insect-sized unmanned aircraft, ever-smaller satellites, spacecraft, new materials and perhaps even personal air transport.

Facilities and resources

The Faculty is equipped with advanced laboratory and experimental facilities. Researchers have access to a vast amount of scientific material via virtual knowledge centres.


Participation in Delft Research Initiatives and research schools and institutes at national level ensure that the optimum environment is created and fuelled for groundbreaking advances.

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