Mission, facts and figures



To be the best aerospace engineering faculty in the world that inspires students, staff and society with ambitious research and modern education of the highest quality for the future of aerospace


  • Undergraduate and graduate programmes taught in English
  • 35% international students
  • Member of the European PEGASUS and IDEA League university networks and the worldwide CDIO and GE3 (Global Engineering Education Exchange) networks
  • Bilateral international agreements
  • Covering almost all areas of aerospace engineering both with expertise and laboratory equipment
  • Largest Aerospace Engineering faculty in Europe


Facts & Figures

  • 237 academic staff
  • 85 support staff
  • 181 PhD
  • 2395 students (MSc, BSc and Bridging class)
  • 1400 BSc (of which 371 first year students)
  • 964 MSc
  • 31 Bridging class students (bridging year from a University of Applied Science to a Research University)
  • 22M Euro Government funding
  • 8,8M Euro External funding
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