About the faculty of Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering  is Unique

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the largest of the eight faculties at the Delft University of Technology and one of the largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering in Europe. It is the only institute carrying out research and education directly related to aerospace engineering in the Netherlands.

Knowledge in aerospace engineering 

The 16 full and more than 50 associate and assistant professors in the four departments of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have an excellent reputation for both teaching and research. The faculty’s education and research portfolio targets several areas within the field of aerospace engineering. 

Today the Faculty has a student body of over 2400 undergraduates and graduates, about 80 permanent and temporary academic staff and 180 PhD students. Around 35% of the student population has a foreign nationality. See facts and figures for details.

We collaborate with national and international institutions and industry. Student associations intermediate between our students and industry.

Facilities and laboratories

Through the years, the Faculty has responded to the increasing demands of the aerospace industry by further expanding its facilities and laboratories.   





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