AE PhD Symposium 2017 makes PhD research accessible

24 January 2017 by Department of Communication

How can deep ocean temperatures be derived from sound waves? How can stereo vision enable space landers to land more safely on distant planets? Can you make a car exhaust out of composites?

Are aircraft engines with flameless combustion better for the environment? These and other examples of PhD research were presented during the PhD Symposium at Aerospace Engineering on 19 January. The abstracts are conveniently bundled in a booklet.   

On 19 January  120 PhD students at Aerospace Engineering presented their PhD research during the PhD Symposium 2017, organised by the Graduate School and the PhD Board of the faculty. Dick Simons, the Graduate School director: “What we aim for with the PhD Symposium is to bring PhD students from various disciplines together and stimulate cooperation between them.” A jury judged the presentations on for example technical content, time management, structure and presentation skills. Per theme the jury selected the best presenter.

For the symposium a booklet was produced containing the participants’ abstracts. Very informative and interesting, also for people who could not join the symposium. Read the booklet. 

(Photo: Roy Borghouts)

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