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Spin-off ISISpace launches 101 nanosatellites on a record breaking launch from India

15 February 2017

On 15 February the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO launched a record number of satellites into space simultaneously. It was the first time that many satellites were launched at the same time. A world record. 101 of the satellites were manifested by TU Delft spin-off company ISISpace. The satellites will be tracked and controlled from the joint ground stations of the faculty of Electrical...Continue


TU Delft TV: Flying with the Delftacopter

13 February 2017

Bart Remes and his team have been developing drones of the future at TU Delft: agile, fast, efficient and tiny drones which could do important work like assist in emergency situations.Continue


Festive opening Aerospace Structures and Materials facilities

01 February 2017

Last Friday the official opening of the new and renovated Aerospace Structures and Materials department took place at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. After inspirational talks and an official opening by the Rector Magnificus of TU Delft, Karel Luyben, tours throughout the facilities took place and the event was concluded with drinks.Continue

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