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Delft University of Technology organises first anti-drone race

17 March 2017

To incorporate drones in our lives in a good and safe way, we need anti-drone instruments. On 4 December the TU Delft Micro Air Vehicle Lab (MAVLab) will therefore host the first ever anti-drone competition DroneClash. During this competition participants use their own drone(s) to take down as many other drones as possible. They also need to avoid a whole series of anti-drone interventions. Teams...Continue


A sabbatical in the R&T industry: ‘It’s not all that different’

15 March 2017

From October 2016, TU Delft assistant professor Roeland De Breuker spent four months working for Airbus Group Innovations in Munich. Having taken the ‘academic route’ through TU Delft, it was time for a break. De Breuker took the sabbatical to broaden his horizons and it proved to be a positive experience. A double interview with De Breuker and his former manager at Airbus, Andreas Wildschek.Continue


AE alumni event in Toulouse (19 April)

15 March 2017

On 19 April 2017 the faculty of Aerospace Engineering is organising networking drinks at 6pm in Toulouse, France for alumni of the faculty. The location will be communicated at a later time. Do you know any alumni in the region? Please inform them of this event! Attendance for this event is free, but registration is necessary.Continue


EU consortium Solliance prints Perovskite thin film solar cells on a roll

13 March 2017

From his position as Programma Manager at the Holst Centre, Full Professor Smart Materials, Pim Groen, has contributed to an important development in the area of thin film solar cells. The European consortium Solliance, of which he is a member, has demonstrated that Perovskite thin film solar cells can be produced on an industrial-scale roll-to-toll process with an efficiency of 12.6%. TU Delft...Continue


Emeritus Professor Gijs van Kuik at KNAW symposium Wind Energy

02 March 2017

Emeritus Professor Gijs van Kuik of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the speakers at the KNAW symposium 'The future of wind energy' (3 April 2017). He will talk about expectations of the future and challenges in research in wind energy. Participation in this symposium is free. Registration is via The symposium is held in Dutch.Continue


Third call AE Startup Voucher & Coaching Programme

01 March 2017

Until 1 April 2017 Aerospace Engineering students can respond to the call for the Startup Voucher & Coaching Programme. The objective? To help AE students develop their innovative ideas and set up their own company. Do you know an entrepreneurial AE (PhD) student who deserves this opportunity?Continue


Changing transatlantic flight routes ‘could reduce climate impact’

27 February 2017

Airlines could reduce their climate impact by up to 10 percent by changing their flight routes to avoid areas where emissions do the most damage to the environment a particular moment. The costs of choosing environmentally friendly flight routes are estimated to rise by only one percent. Continue


Profile of a Prof: Damiano Casalino, Aeroacoustics

27 February 2017

Professors usually present themselves in professional terms. But what motivates them outside their work? What are their interests, motives and personal views? In this edition of Profile of a Prof we become personally acquainted with Damiano Casalino, Professor of Aeroacoustics at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.Continue


AE student Tim Hermans selected for ESA programme Drop Your Thesis! 2017

27 February 2017

AE master’s student Tim Hermans (Space Flight) has been selected for Drop Your Thesis! 2017, a programme offered by the Education Office of the European Space Agency (ESA). This programme gives students the opportunity to work with experts from all over Europe to develop an experiment which will be performed at the Centre of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) in Bremen, Germany....Continue

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