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The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is the birthplace of many ideas for innovation. We stimulate our students and staff to transfer technology to the market. Here you can find remarkable examples of Start-up companies providing benefits around the world—saving energy, creating jobs, preserving resources, and more.

Start-up companies are important partners for the Faculty because they often help to further develop a specific technical and commercial field of expertise. For example, if there had not been so many companies in the mid-1990s that worked with and developed  thermoplastic composite materials, then there would now probably not be as much (ca. 6000 kg) of this material processed in the Airbus A380. What is striking is that almost every chair knows a number of Start-up companies, but the main focus is in the materials. In addition, the starters are also the employers of the future for the current students. Collectively the Start-up companies are good for more than 500 jobs.

Here an overview of some of the Start-up companies:

Actiflow is expert in fluid dynamics. It is an engineering company that visualizes and quantifies gas and fluid flows through CFD computer simulations.

AELS is an aircraft disassembly and dismantling company that offers complete support in any stage of the end-of-life process of an aircraft.

Airborne International provides advanced composite solutions for industrial market leaders in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Marine industry.

Advanced Lightweight Engineering Delft (ALE Delft) is a highly innovative company founded in 1996 that specializes in the design, development and production of lightweight structures.

DTC is a custom moulder of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymer (CFRTP) components. Manufactured products are used in many structural applications where low weight and high strength are crucial.

Ampyx Power develops a novel wind energy technology, that will be capable of realizing a paradigm shift in the electricity generation sector by allowing the production of renewable power at lower cost levels than fossil-fueled alternatives.

ATMOS UAV B.V. is a high-tech company specialized in designing and manufacturing unmanned aerial systems for applications in which high reliability, high quality and high safety standards are a basic requirement.

Defining leading solutions in thermoplastic composites: The innovative combination of continuous reinforcing fibres with thermoplastic polymers results in exceptionally high strength and rigidity, coupled with extremely low weight. The innovative Tepex® material system of Bond-Laminates supports customized solutions from innovative material and parts design to efficient mass production processing and has already been successfully applied in versatile applications and markets.

The Delft Dynamics robot helicopters are suitable for obtaining an aerial overview using photo- and videocameras or other sensors. Due to their ability to quickly provide an overview of the situation from the sky, robot helicopters can serve police, fire brigades and other emergency services very well. They can also be used for routine inspections.

The art of good structural engineering is keeping the structural integrity on an acceptable level during the specified life of a structure. The structure should therefore be damage tolerant. Fatec Engineering provides advice, support and training in the field of structural integrity. Our clients can be found in the aerospace, rail and road transport, and infrastructural industry.

FlexSol Solutions believes in a sustainable future in which renewable sources provide the energy for everyone to do and continue doing what they are passionate about. We dedicate all our time to the development of sustainable products that lower the consumption of fossil fuels. In all of our products, we aim to minimise material usage and use recyclable products as much as possible.

Flowmotion Consultancy for Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics.

Fly Aeolus has become the first company to offer private aircraft services using single piston aircraft in Western Europe under a fractional ownership model. It sets an innovation in affordable private door-to-door air transport. Our team exhibites expertise from different business aviation disciplines, completed by experienced Cirrus pilots and instructors. We are highly valued for our professional responsiveness in providing affordable both private and business flights.

GTM Advanced Products [GTM] develops materials and products, primarily, for the Aerospace and Safety & Security market. Through its state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities GTM is able to serve its customers in material and structural testing and analysis, prototyping as well as small scale component production.

InnoSys Delft BV is the company for development, production and integration of innovative and sustainable power electronics systems, such as: 1) Integration of individual power electronics components to a total, working system; 2) Development and small series production of systems and power electronics components; 3) Consultancy and training and 4) Li-Ion Battery production.

ISIS offers a broad range of turn-key nanosatellite solutions, ranging from standard CubeSat solutions in the 1 - 4 kilogram range to 20 kilogram compact microsatellites.

KE-works is specialised in the optimisation of engineering intensive projects in the manufacturing industry.

Lightweight Containers BV is the originator of the innovative KeyKeg system. Our unique lightweight KeyKegs combine ground-breaking R&D, advanced production technology and a clear idea of what our customers want. The result is a range of one-way kegs that stand out in the market for their quality, convenience, safety and sustainability.

De toepassing van composietmaterialen is van oudsher het domein van industrieen als lucht- en ruimtevaart en de medische techniek. KVE biedt een kompleet pakket van diensten aan op het gebied van het ontwerp en productie van composiet producten en systemen. KVE Composites Group beweegt zich op meerdere markten, de belangrijkste daarvan zijn de lucht- en ruimtevaart, medisch technologie, civiele techniek, auto-industrie en machinebouw.

It is Mars One's goal to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Human settlement on Mars is the next giant leap for humankind. This exploration of the solar system will bring the human race closer together. Mars is the next step of the voyage into the universe. Furthermore, human settlement on Mars will aid the understanding of the origins of the solar system, the origins of life, and human’s place in the universe.

MOCS provides high-quality engineering services and develops innovative, lightweight and durable structures for the maritime, offshore and civil industry. The team performs complex tasks and delivers on time. It is able to contribute to the concept, basic design and detailed design phase. MOCS consists of three sections that reinforce each other: engineering, technologies and products.

NAMISAT focuses on space systems engineering products and services, specifically targeted at nano- and microsatellite solutions.

Protension Composites develops automated manufacturing processes for the composites industry. The use of Protension preforming technologies is cost effective, replacing manual production steps, and leads to higher product quality.

The recovery of a disabled aircraft demands for different sets of equipment, from lifting to moving. RESQTEC offers a full pack of recovery solutions including risk assessment, product training as well as skilled professionals who can help in the creation and implementation of an aircraft recovery plan. RESQTEC is unique in that it is the only manufacturer in the world offering the R2S system that offers a high return on investment (ROI) for airports and/or airlines.

Science [&] Technology Corporation is specialised in project implementations and product develop¬¬ments where science and technology play an important role. Our services consist of: Delivering short-term and long-term staff for your projects, Delivering reliability software solutions, Developing software products.

Technology to optimize and automate the design and production process of reinforced rubber products. Typical applications are dredge hoses, expansion joints, elbow hoses, pipe-plugs, inflatable packers, lifting bags, etc. TANIQ offers a combination of design software and industrial robots which provide the required flexibility for automation of such products.

TenCate Advanced Composites is a leading supplier of thermoplastic and thermoset solutions for the Aerospace and Industrial industry. The thermoset composites from TenCate are used on satellites, radomes, unmanned aircraft, general aviation and military aircraft. TenCate also provides thermoset composites in high end industrial and recreational applications ranging from oil and gas to prosthetics to sporting equipment.

Type22 delivers baggage handling products for airports and airlines that make hassle-free baggage handling become the standard. Surprising products that are simple to use and designed to fit seamlessly into the airport environment.

Ursa Minor is an company that works in the technological forefronts of space. Ursa Minor works in the radiofrequency fields developing advanced products (detailed design, prototype components and equipments, testing and validation) for its later mass production, as well as integrating complex communication systems, providing turnkey solutions.

WABCO is a leading innovator and global supplier of technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles.

Knowledge Centre WMC is an independent and dedicated research institute and specialist in testing all kind of materials, structures, components and systems. The main activity of WMC is fundamental and applied research on materials (Steel, Aluminium, Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and Thermoplastic Composites) that you can find in Wind turbine-, Process-, Energy-, Offshore- and Oil & Gas industries.

Windchallenge sells a new generation wind turbine for the built environment. This wind turbine weighs 10 kg, has a rotor diameter of 1.7 meters and was designed for installation on roofs or masts. It will allow companies and private persons to partially meet their own energy requirements.

whereAt Industries is the inventor of ClusterNet, a carrier independent real-time cargo visibility platform. With a turn-key solution to end-to-end visibility, our platform enables every partner in a Supply Chain to make data driven decisions on their in- & outbound cargo flow. Based on the data collected by clusters of IoT devices, we can provide live monitoring to almost every unit of cargo at a price-point previously reserved for Barcode & RFID stikers.

T-Minus Engineering is a young and flexible company, which focuses on the development of rocket-related products that exactly meet your needs. The fields of expertise are: Rocket propulsion, On-board electronics, Aerospace engineering and Launch operations and support.

The JackSavior plug is a new design for the 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) audio jack plug for headsets. We connect the wires inside the plug, leaving the wire the only thing sticking out your device. Preventing jack failure and plug breakage!

Holland Container Innovations (HCI) provides a solution for the issue of repositioning empty containers due to the imbalance in world trade. Up to 40% of transported containers are transported empty. The HCI Foldable Container can be folded to 25% of the original volume, allowing 4 folded containers to be stacked and connected to form exactly one standard container again. These can then be stored, transported and handled as one package.

Green Motion Technologies is a technical innovation company that develops sustainable and efficient high-tech solutions for OEM's and other industrial suppliers. GMT has introduced a novel gear geometry design for the industry, that saves 5% energy and reduces stress, heat and sound by 20%, compared to the standard geometries.

Fileboard allows you to manage all your documents between the cloud and email. Fileboard will allow you to use your iPad for work. They make it easier for you to work with documents and attachments no matter where they reside, how they are accessed, or whoever they are from.

Space Products and Innovation UG is a company whose goal is to spin in technology and concepts from outside the aerospace industry. SPIn brings Plug & Play technology into space reducing cost and time of satellite manufacturing through spinning in available technology and concepts and increasing profit margins in the industry by enabling standard processes.

Enevate's kite power systems use high-performance kites for cost-competitive electricity generation. Unlike conventional wind turbines, enevate's system does not require resource intensive towers or heavy foundations and is thus highly mobile and easy to deploy.




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