Dust-free construction and testing of spacecraft

Students and researchers use the Cleanroom to build and test hardware for spacecraft, such as satellites. The Cleanroom is an immaculately clean laboratory, in which work is conducted as meticulously as possible so that the risk of particle contamination is minimised. Delfi, the first university satellite in the Netherlands, was built and tested in the Cleanroom.

Together, the Cleanroom and the adjoining workshop form the Space Systems Engineering department’s facility for construction, assembly, integration and testing. The laboratory has various test rigs, a vacuum oven and an Altitude Control System (ACS) for testing nanosatellites, among other equipment. The Cleanroom’s workshop has different mechanical tools, a fixed drilling rig, electrical and electronic test equipment, power supplies and a soldering station available.

Master's students, doctoral candidates and researchers use the Cleanroom and workshop for their research. Third parties such as staff from other universities, universities of applied sciences and companies are also welcome. For example, the start-up company ISIS (Innovative Solutions in Space) has used the Cleanroom to store flight hardware.

If you are interested in collaboration with TU Delft’s Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, in which the Cleanroom could play a role, then please contact Tatiana Pérez Soriano, Cleanroom Manager: +31 15 27 88319,



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