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Aerospace Engineering students in TU Delft Student projects

Next to your studies, the Delft University of Technology offers you the possibility to apply your learned skills in a student project.  As a team member of one of these student projects, also known as dream teams, you can focus on the design, manufacturing and racing of your own bike, race car, boat, rocket or aircraft. You can be an engineer or broaden your abilities as a team or financial manager.

Working in a student project can be part of your studies by choosing a D:Dream minor programme or you can be a part-time or full-time member of a team.

In the Dream Team hall on campus multiple student teams work on perfecting their design of bikes, race cars, boats, rockets and aircraft. A few of these projects are presented  by Aerospace Engineering students in the following links:

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineerng (DARE)

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineerng (DARE)


Formula Zero Team (Forze)

Human Power Team

Nuon Solar Team (NUNA)

SSVOBB 'Lambach Aircraft'






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